Testimonial PRO is a Responsive, powerful Testimonial WordPress plugin. It comes with many amazing and useful options allow you to display and manage Unlimited Testimonials, Reviews or Quotes in different ways like Slider, Carousel, Grid, Masonry, List, and Filter in unique and simple styles. The plugin is well-made & up to date, that’s packed with all the features you need including 60+ Awesome Styles.

Getting Started

System Requirements

To get the best experience of this plugin, we recommend the followings–

  1. PHP 5.6 or later
  2. MySQL 5.6 or later
  3. WordPress 4.4.1 or later

To be sure about the above requirements contact your hosting vendor.


Suppose you have installed WordPress. If you do not know how to install WordPress contact your hosting provider or see the document .

  1. Login to the admin panel of WordPress
  2. Navigate to the to PluginsAdd NewUpload FileInstall Now. When done, click Activate Plugin.
  3. After activating the WooCommerce Product Carousel PRO plugin, you are ready to use it.


This is a shortcodes based plugin. You can display testimonial by using a simple shortcode [testimonial-pro]  anywhere on your site. There are 14 different theme styles and have so many attributes under these theme styles.


No Attribute Default value Options Themes layouts Description
1  theme  one  one, tow, three, four, five, six, seven, eight,
nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen
 All  All
2  layout  carousel  carousel, filter, list, grid, masonry  All  All
3  slides_to_scroll  1  use any number eg: 1/2/3  All  carousel
4  items  1  use any number eg: 1/2/3  All  All
5  items_desktop  1  use any number eg: 1/2/3  All  All
6  items_tablet  1  use any number eg: 1/2/3  All  All
7  items_mobile  1  use any number eg: 1/2/3  All  All
8  dots  false  true / false  All  carousel
9  dots_color  #ddd  color code  All  carousel
10  dots_active_color  #f97352  color code  All  carousel
11  stop_on_hover  true  true / false  All  carousel
12  auto_play  true  true / false  All  carousel
13  auto_play_speed  3000  use any number  All  carousel
14  speed  300  use any number  All  carousel
15  total_items  10  use any number eg: 10/11/12  All  All
16  category  category1, category2  All  All
17  order_by  date  date, menu_order, rand, title  All  All
18  order  DESC  DESC, ASC  All  All
19  nav  true  true / false  All  carousel
20  nav_position  vertical_center  top_left, top_center, top_right, bottom_left, bottom_center,bottom_right, vertical_center, vertical_center_inner, vertical_center_inner_hover  All  carousel
21  nav_style  round  normal / round  All  carousel
22  nav_color  #ddd  color code  All  carousel
23  nav_hover_color  #f97352  color code  All  carousel
24  nav_bg  transparent  color code  All  carousel
25  nav_hover_bg  transparent  color code  All  carousel
26  nav_border_color  #ddd  color code  All  carousel
27  nav_hover_border_color  #f97352  color code  All  carousel
28  filter_position  left  left / center / right  All  filter
29  filter_color  #343434  color code  All  filter
30  filter_bg  #f0f0f0  color code  All  filter
31  filter_hover_color  #fff  color code  All  filter
32  filter_hover_bg  #ff7474  color code  All  filter
33  pagination_position  left  left / center / right  All  masonry
34  pagination_color  #343434  color code  All  masonry
35  pagination_bg  #f0f0f0  color code  All  masonry
36  pagination_hover_color  #fff  color code  All  masonry
37  pagination_hover_bg  #ff7474  color code  All  masonry
38  image  true  true / false  All  All
39  image_size  medium  small / medium / large / logo  All  All
40  image_style  two  one, two, three, four  All  All
41  testimonial_text  true  true / false  All  All
42  testimonial_color  #343434  color code  All  All
43  name  true  true / false  All  All
44  name_margin_bottom  14px  All  All
45  name_color  #f97352  color code  All  All
46  designation  true  true / false  All  All
47  designation_margin_bottom  14px  All  All
48  designation_color  #999999  color code  All  All
49  star  true  true / false  All  All
50  star_margin_bottom  18px  All  All
51  star_color  #f3bb00  color code  All  All
52  rtl  false  true / false  All  carousel
53  inner_padding  18px  ten, eleven, twelve, fourteen  All
54  border_color  #e2e2e2  color code  ten, eleven, twelve, fourteen  All
55  testimonial_bg  #fff  color code  six, seven, eight,
nine, ten, eleven, twelve, fourteen
56  info_bg  transparent  color code  six, seven, eight, nine  All
57  info_inner_padding  0px  six, seven, eight, nine  All
58 image_margin_bottom  25px  All  All
59 read_more false  true / false  All  All
60 read_more_characters_limit  120  All  All
61 read_more_text  Read More  All  All
62 read_more_close_text  Close  All  All

Front-End Form

No Attribute Default value Options Description
1 designation_required false true / false
2 photo_required false true / false
3 rating true true / false Ration field show / hide option.
4 category true true / false Category field show / hide option.
5 photo true true / false Photo field show / hide option.
6 designation true true / false Designation field show / hide option.


We’ll set the settings of carousel image and front-end form.

Image Size

Font-End Form